Dr. M.S Sheshgiri`s KLE College of Engineering

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Dr. M.S Sheshgiri`s KLE College of Engineering

K arnataka Lingayat Education Society (KLE Society) was founded in 1916 by seven educated youth with the objective of bringing education to the Kannada-speaking region of the erstwhile Bombay Presidency and what is today the North Karnataka region. Headquartered at Belagavi, KLE Society runs over 250 educational institutions in Karnataka and Maharashtra. On 13 November 1916, KLE Society started an Anglo Vernacular School in Belagavi. Lingaraj College came into existence in June 1933. In 1947, B.V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology was started in Hubli. Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College at Belagavi and Gudleppa Hallikeri College at Haveri were started in 1963. KLE also runs the KLE engineering college in Belagavi, established in 1979.

Departmen ts


T he College Website has various list of departments and their respective staff listings. It even exhibits details of various events conducted or the Achievements earned by the dept Students/Staff. KLE Engineering College mainly consists of departments namely, Bio - Technology Bio - Medical Chemical Civil Computer Science Electrical and Electronics Electronics and communication Mechnical TeleCommunications Engineering Science and humanaties Masters of Computer Applications Masters of Business Administration
T he College has a beautiful library and a hugh reading room containing thousands of books , articles , journals and magazines. It even has a digital library so that people can even surf the net and do various activities online. The website allows students and faculties to book or renew their books online, view their lending status and dues etc.

Transport ation & Healthcare

Events and Resear ch

T ransportation facility is an indivisible part of any institution , for escorting students or faculties to college from their residential place.
The webpage has schedules of all the buses and routes listed in an organised fashion for the ease of students. It gets updated on a regular basis reflecting change in timings or routes according to the respective scenario.
KLE society even provides subsidized healthCare facility to all its students and faculties as every human being is valuable.
T he College organises various festivals and events. All the updates about the events schedule, registration, venue are visible on the website on timely manner.
Several researches has been conducted and are organised on certain point of time in their most high-tech labs with very qualified teachers partnering with scientists and engineers across the globe.

Bank & ATM

Cantee n & Cafeteria

C ollege has a premises to accommodate a bank and its ATM to serve their students and faculty in terms of financial assistance.
The College has a collaboration with the bank authorities to enable crediting the remuneration of their employees in it along with the scholarships of their students.
An ATM has been incorporated within the campus as well for the convenience of people having their account in that bank.
T he College website also displays the canteen and cafeteria situated within the campus for people having some quality time food with their friends.
Canteen delivers mess facility to hostelites and other students who wishes to enjoy Canteen-Mess food on a paid-monthly basis.